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When We Meet Again: Connecting Our Guests

As social creatures, people crave human connection. But the long pause of face-to-face events due to Covid-19 has created a void of connection — one that hasn’t been fully filled by the shift to digital. As event designers, it’s up to us to help our guests feel more connected when we meet again.

How can we do this? By rethinking and redesigning events with a focus on what our guests want most – human connections.

"Going forward, now more than ever, human-centered design is going to be critically important," says Greg Bogue, our enterprise VP for Design Studio.

In this video, Bogue teams with Charlotte Blank, chief behavioral officer, to take a look at the event journey, breaking it down into 8 phases to share insights into what future guests will desire when we meet again. 

This 30-minute session was presented during PlanetIMEX in October and is part of our Planwell Meetwell® video series.