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How Planwell Meetwell® Can Aid Event Designers in a Post-COVID World

There’s no denying the Covid-19 pandemic has changed people and events. The pause of face-to-face has created a void in human connection, and as social creatures, we crave connection. But once these events begin again, event planners will need to meet the need guests have to reconnect with one another in this new world.

With the expertise of our teams and partners across the globe, we’re taking a fresh look at the guest experience to pinpoint how we create both real and perceived safety. Planwell Meetwell® — our approach and strategy to anchor the future of events around safety, security and comfort — uses data and behavioral science principles to better understand human needs and motivations, and is focused on giving your guests a voice to express their travel and event attendance concerns. We take these insights — along with design, validation and core content communication recommendations — to help you you rethink and redesign your guest experience, and deliver the right event to fit your guests’ needs.

Here's the first in a video series featuring David Peckinpaugh, president, and Greg Bogue, chief experience architect with an overview of Planwell Meetwell and four key actions for our industry.