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Let’s Connect the Dots on Innovation at IMEX Frankfurt

Are you ready to innovate your events by adding emerging technologies to engage differently with your audiences? For instance, should you add NFTs? Are you ready to embrace Web 3.0 and AI applications like ChatGPT?

Not there yet? If you're going to IMEX Frankfurt, join us in the More Than Experience Innovation Lab as we ideate, collaborate and talk the “new language of events” along with our partners at DRPG. This new language includes the industry terms you need to know now —so you can not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. 

Step #1

Attend these innovative educational sessions in Hall 9:

  • NFTs – I Don’t Get It
  • My Event Journey: Creating the Future Today  
  • Get to Know Your Own Voice
  • Technology… What You Need to Know to be in the Know  
Step #2

Head over to our Innovation Lab at stand F690 to ideate with us.    

Step #3

Participate in our hands-on experience where we’ll delve into the presented concepts and a few additional innovation initiatives. You’ll have a chance to collaborate on the concepts presented and interact with products on a large digital mural board. Some of the conversations we’ll be having: 
Web 3.0 is the big umbrella for all things technology moving into the future. It has grown from the internet of information in the early 90s where we searched and learned, to the internet of interactions where we can now comment, connect and own our content. Under this new umbrella, we are exposed to another layer of terms and considerations for our business which include engaging in the Metaverse, collecting NFTs, exchanging currency in crypto, and tracking it all in blockchain. For the average tech lover these are exciting and easy to apply, but for most of us, we are still trying to learn what it all means. In the lab, we’ll take the pulse of everyone’s understanding and how they can incorporate into their events. 

Open AI and ChatGPT are emerging in the world. How can we easily utilize AI to help us do our jobs better? There are numerous opportunities to leverage this in business. We will discuss how we see this entering our events and how this is affecting industries outside of tech.

Metaverse – There is still so much mystery around this world. We define it as any immersive, digital experience that allows you to connect and interact with others as an alternative or extension of a physical experience. Imagine Minecraft for business or Gorilla Tag for competition. There are many ways for businesses to create experiences to connect, conduct commerce and share content in creative and meaningful ways.  

Blockchain – a great technology application that can hold data in a private and trusted ledger. This is great for accounting, reporting and defining clear and accurate metrics. Think how solving the question of ROI could now be a no brainer! 

NFTs - many still don’t understand how to use these for events, but we’ll discuss ways to drive engagement, loyalty, perks and privileges and creating collectibles that are of value to your people, your brand and provide value to your customers.  

Facial Analysis & Directional Audio Solutions - Are you up to date with these new technologies? Come chat with the DRPG Creative Technologist who will give you the latest lowdown on event tech. Explore opportunities to use facial analysis and how it will help engage your audience, as well as learning about the game changing directional audio solutions that will revolutionize guest experience.

VR Technology – VR is more accessible than it ever has been, and we’re seeing it being adopted more and more in the corporate world as a way to do business, whether that’s carrying out a virtual meeting or immersing yourself in a brand experience, the possibilities are endless.

Sustainability Action – we’ll survey participants to understand their sustainability journeys to get a pulse of where we are as an industry.  

Important Note: Innovation is key to growth and the future of business, but keep in mind they are still new concepts, so be sure to proceed with caution. While using these new technologies can be exciting, they are not without risks or challenges. We recommend reaching out to your legal representative to make sure all your bases are covered. 

See you in Frankfurt!