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Great Work Culture — Designing a Company People are Proud to Work With

Great work culture doesn’t happen by accident. You can’t mandate it or hire it.

A great work culture must be consciously designed and every employee must be connected to the purpose and beliefs that we are working toward every day.

At Maritz Global Events, we are focused on nurturing and living into our people-centered culture. It’s our guidepost as we design and deliver exceptional event experiences for our clients and their guests. Because without good people who feel valued and heard, we simply cannot be successful.

Our Cultural Philosophy

Our cultural philosophy — Unleashing Human Potential  — centers on the idea that all people deserve the opportunity to live up to their fullest potential. Unleashing Human Potential means we stand for equal opportunities, equal rights and equal justice — regardless of race, gender, identity, age, religion or experience. We are purposeful in focusing our employee-led efforts behind causes that support our cultural philosophy. Our Diversity & Inclusion and Anti-Human Trafficking Committees are actively looking for opportunities to be leading change within our industry.

Our Signature Value

Our signature value —First, Take Good Care of Each Other — guides our decision-making and interactions with each other, our partners, and our clients and their guests. The relationships we build with are most important stakeholders are paramount to our business.

How Establishing a Great Work Culture Drives Business Results

We’re proud to say that Unleashing Human Potential and First, Take Good Care of Each Other have become the foundation of our plan for a great work culture.

We’re already seeing exciting results from these efforts:

  • Our commitment to fostering a great work culture has resulted in deep and meaningful conversations with our clients. For instance, a client recently invited us to a meeting with her senior leadership, because she was so proud to highlight her partnership with us.

  • After sharing our cultural journey at an industry conference, another client asked us to share our experience with customers at their national event. Why? They want to demonstrate that culture can drive business results. They told us they’re proud to introduce a partner that does the “right thing.”

In short – we’re seeing that as we articulate and communicate our plan for a great work culture at Maritz Global Events, our key stakeholders are proud to work with us.

That proves we’re headed in the right direction — and that building a better culture translates to better lives for all of our stakeholders— our employees, our clients and their guests, our partners and our communities.