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Fighting Human Trafficking One Event at a Time

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month; however, it is something we at Maritz support all year long. Each year, we produce two of our own brand events – Elevate is focused on our clients and Activate is focused on our supplier partners. While these events include all the great education, collaboration and networking you’d expect, they also include incredible giving back activations dedicated to one of our important missions at Maritz, the fight against Human Trafficking. In 2023, these events were held in Orlando and Phoenix and our team found a couple pretty awesome local organizations to support. Here are the highlights: 

Elevate in Orlando

onepurseIn Orlando, we worked with an organization called One Purse. This incredible group collects donated designer purses to raise money for their programs which help empower human trafficking survivors. At our event, 46 purses were donated from our attendees and team, and along with some additional monetary donations, $7,672 was raised to help fund their important programs!

In addition, other groups expressed interest in working with One Purse at future events. If you’d like more information on One Purse, visit 

Activate in Phoenix

Our giving back activity for this event benefited the Phoenix Dream Center, an amazing organization with a mission to stop human trafficking, end childhood hunger and educate tomorrow's leaders. They do this through residential life recovery programs and community engagement outreach services. As a group, we put together a total of 430 welcome bags with a value of $9,736.46! Each welcome bag included a laundry bag, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, loofa, toothbrush, toothpaste, maxi pads, hairbrush, hair ties and tissue paper. Every single bag we created went directly to a survivor in recovery. We also donated another $5,000 directly to the Center. To learn more about Phoenix Dream Center, visit 

Could you add a giving back activation to help this cause at your next event?

We encourage you to research destinations where you meet, plan an activation to benefit organizations like these and join us in the fight to end human trafficking!