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Events UnPaused - A Maritz Global Events Podcast

What’s NEXT, you ask?

As we look at events in a post-pandemic world, we still see a fair amount of uncertainty, but we also see opportunity and exciting change on the horizon. This foresight has inspired us to create a community of industry experts and event professionals that we call “NEXT.”

Together, we are exploring the post-pandemic world of face to face and digital events, and are working to transcend our current thinking and practices to move to these new and exciting solutions.

We invite you to listen to our new podcast series curated from our NEXT Community called Events UnPaused.

Hosted by president of Maritz Global Events, David Peckinpaugh, Events UnPaused is a five-part podcast series providing insights on some of today’s most relevant topics: 

  1. How We’re Changing – in this episode we take a look at how event professionals around the world have responded to the pandemic and the success they achieved despite many challenges.
  1. Event Safety During and After COVID-19 – a discussion of the importance of thoughtful, purposeful event design to create an atmosphere of comfort and improved safety for guests. 
  1. Is Hybrid Here to Stay? – we won’t give away the answer here (but, yes. It is!) 
  1. Four Questions for Going Hybrid – listen to the important questions top professionals are encouraging you to ask as you plan for hybrid events.
  2. The Future of Events and Where the Industry is Going – in this final segment, we look forward to the future and the exciting developments we see on the horizon.

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