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Celebrating the Maritz LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group during Pride Month!

The Maritz LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group (ERG) has hit the ground running this year with several exciting initiatives and events. Under the umbrella of the Maritz DE&I Council, the group’s goal is to provide a welcoming space for individuals within, and who closely support, the LGBTQIA+ community. They provide a space to listen and share past and current experiences, support one another, celebrate one another and educate the Maritz community about LGBTQIA+ issues. 

And they have been busy! Over the last few months, they have published educational internal articles on the purpose and importance of gender-neutral restrooms in the workplace and the importance of respecting pronoun choice. They also meet monthly to focus on providing support and mentorship, Pride planning activities, educational activities, events, and communications.  
With June now upon us, this group is currently executing Pride Month activities on the Maritz campus, virtual activities for remote employees and they're finalizing the details for participation in PrideFest in St. Louis on June 24-25, where they’ll be offering family-friendly crafts to attendees and walking in the parade. Here are a few highlights: 

First up this month was a Maritz Pride Pop(sicle)-Up Event, hosted this week on our Fenton campus, where attendees enjoyed colorful popsicles and a Pride-themed photo booth. Here are a few photos from this successful event: 

Drew-RoznowskiCo-Chair Drew Roznowski spoke to the group assembled and shared, “to me, Pride means everyone bringing their full selves to all of the communities in which they belong, including the workplace. Over the last eight months, our ERG has created a welcoming, celebratory, and supporting space for nearly 40 ERG members; but, by coming to this event, and wearing that t-shirt on campus, and participating in our virtual and in-person events, you’re doing that too. The visible actions and support speak volumes to those in the ERG, in the LGBTQ+ community at Maritz, and even in our local communities.”
And this weekend, our LGBTQIA+ ERG is representing Maritz at St. Louis’ annual Pride celebration, PrideFest. As a PrideFest vendor, the team will have a booth with family-friendly craft activities and they will also share some of the organization’s DE&I efforts over the last year.   
There have also been several virtual activities for remote employees and the opportunity to purchase new Maritz Pride t-shirts. 

And we can’t forget to put a spotlight on the two co-chairs for this Employee Resource Group, Drew Roznowski and Jessy Kane. We asked them to share a few thoughts with us below: 
Why did you want to become a co-chair of the LGBTQIA+ ERG at Maritz?
Drew: I’ve been fortunate to have multiple mentors, managers, and leaders within the business who’ve supported me in my professional growth and learning. I’ve realized that not everyone gets the same opportunities or has had similar, positive experiences – particularly individuals who are marginalized. I wanted to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed and feel welcomed and supported.
What do you most want to accomplish this year? Or next year? 
Jessy-KaneDrew & Jessy: Since this is the first year, we’re trying to create a solid foundation. We’re focused on listening to what the needs are from our ERG members, communicating those needs to our DEI partners, managing expectations, and creating awareness of our organization.
What has been your favorite moment/experience so far? 
Drew & Jessy: For the both of us, it’s getting to form a community and meet new people who we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet!
A big THANK YOU to Drew, Jessy and all of the members of the LGBTQIA+ ERG and the DE&I Council members for helping push all of these important initiatives forward for Maritz.